Johns Hopkins Series

Series Editors: Jeffrey J. Williams and Christopher Newfield


Over the past decade a new wave of criticism of higher education has begun to emerge. This series will lead this new field by publishing some of the best, often provocative, and most original works of Critical University Studies.

Critical University Studies focuses on contemporary changes in higher education, in the US and around the globe. The series will explore the shift toward privatization and corporatization, zeroing in on various causes and effects, such as high tuitions, high student debt, the stress on profit-accruing research, the replacement of full- time professors with what is now a majority of adjuncts or part-timers, the remaking of administration as corporate management, and the marginalizing of the liberal arts.

As universities become more like corporations, banks, and entertainment companies, how does this affect educational quality, independent research, and the public good? Higher education has entered a new era, and Critical University Studies will explore how it got where it is and suggest better directions for the future.

In general, Critical University Studies books will be short monographs analyzing key changes and targeting key problems in contemporary higher education. The series will represent a variety of perspectives, such as exposés of current practices, short accounts of recent history, and theoretical engagements with what is occurring.

While scholarly and analytical, the series will feature books that make sustained, focused arguments about specific critical issues and also propose solutions to the problems they describe in both the United States and internationally.

For information on contributing to the series, please contact: Greg Britton, Editorial Director,